Weegee formed from an odd sprite of Luigi in the DOS version of "Mario Is Missing!". The name comes from the common misspronouciation of Luigi. Weegee has gotten popular through Youtube Poop and 4chan The founder of

Game over


4chan, m00t would later say "Weegee is my favorite meme on 4chan." .[1]Some say that the word ‘Weegee’ is a mispronunciation of the name ‘Luigi’ by Mario in the game voiceover. In the Japanese language, there are no “L’s” as are pronounced in English, making the word ‘Luigi’ a little more difficult for those speakers to pronounce. aby that's walligi[2] Weegee is inserted into photos, like the one to the left.

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English-Japanese Translation of Luigi

You can find more about Weegee here.



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